Another work in progress

A new, as yet untitled, song has been posted on our music player. It is amazing what happens when Daniel is allowed to stay on the East Coast. Check out! (Our music player is currently only compatible with Firefox). Let us know what you think band@cryptoglitch.com.

'Tis the Season

As most fans of Cryptoglitch know Kevin and Daniel are true non-believers. Cryptoglitch's latest track "Jesus and Mary" is a track of self discovery. The track was originally titled "Mr. Misery" as Daniel wrote it about himself. After further reflection and the recording of Jascha's vocal track it was re-titled "Jesus and Mary" as the band realized that the lyrics could have been a conversation between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Merry fucking Christmas! Let us know what you think band@cryptoglitch.com.

We're not Dead Yet!

Cryptoglitch is not dead yet! In fact the boys have been working dilligently in the new studio (Dungeon) to create some new material. Two new tracks will be added to the Music page very soon. "Angry" is the first song that will be released. "Angry" is more along the lines of what Cryptoglitch first aimed to be: industrial. Fans of NIN, Ministry, Pigface, and similar artists will find this a warm tasty beat. Following that we will be releasing "Karma" an attempt of Daniel's to justify his existence by sleeping with a stripper. Stay tuned.


Kevin and Daniel are sad to announce the departure of Jascha as their lead vocalist. Unfortunately, due to a continual schedule conflict Jascha will no longer be recording with Cryptoglitch. Kevin and Daniel will be experimenting with their vocals while actively pursuing a replacement vocalist. While the duo would prefer a ffemale vocalist all interested parties will be considered. If you would like to audition for the role send an email to band@cryptoglitch.com


Cryptoglitch is planning on releasing their first album ready by the end of May. This debut album currently titled "I Am Not Paranoid" will be released via iTunes and BroadJam. Check back soon for more information.

Cryptoglitch has uploaded to two new tracks on their MySpace page. These tracks are works in progress but we would love to hear what you think of them. The first track, "Just One Shot" is Daniel's first attempt at vocals. The song is a spoken word piece with a tribal back beat. The second track is a brilliant creation of Kevin's titled "Dead from the Beginning". This track has a nice dark texture with a bit of a pop flavor. We hope to record vocals for this song very soon.

Use the player at the Music page to have a listen