Cryptoglitch was formed in late 2007 by Kevin and Daniel McCarthy, two brothers living in rural south-central Pennsylvania. The brothers share similar musical tastes and are both huge fans of industrial rock. The project started in Daniel's apartement with a laptop running Reason, Kevin's Korg Triton, and a Tascam digital 8 track recorder.

Kevin and Daniel started the project shooting for an industrial sound. The boys quickly found that they were capable of creating music that transcends traditional genres and let themselves be unfettered by labels and simply create music that felt right to them.

Kevin programs a good portion of the beats you will hear from Cryptoglitch, while Daniel writes the lyrics and plays guitar. Daniel is a student of blues rock; you can hear this in the song Perfect Pain, while Kevin leans towards industrial and synth pop.

The combination of the beats created by the brothers and the distburbing lyrics that pour forth from the twisted head of Daniel join to create what you hear on the tracks such as Heart Bleed, and Dead From the Beginning

Cryptoglitch is a recording band due to Daniel's fear of people taller than 5'9" and his ever present God complex, however, the brothers may yet see the stage...